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Archives of BYD Conference Calls

2019-0424 - Biblical Monarchy Explained - Solo Rant - Caller Henry (CT)

2019-0421 - Lets Build A Better Mouse Trap - Phil (FL), Gary (CA)

2019-0417 - It Is Time For A Free State - Solo Rant

2019-0414 - Who Is The Real Q - Solo Rant - caller John (Miami)

2019-0410 - The Consequence of Cowardice - Michael (SC), Henry (CT), Jimmy (FL) - edited

2019-0403 - Meet John Mark - Co-Host Michael (SC)

2019-0327 - Repent or Perish - Solo Rant - caller Jimmy (FL) - edited

2019-0324 - Our Many Enemies - Michael (Spain), Michael (SC), Jimmy (FL) - edited

2019-0320 - Culture Wars with Mischa Popoff

2019-0317 - God's Law or Chaos - John (FL), Henry (CT), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0313 - I Will Send You Elijah - Solo Rant - Henry (CT), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0310 - Stand in the Gap - Michael (SC), Henry (CT), Gary (CA), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0306 - The Wide Path - Solo Rant - caller Jimmy (FL)

2019-0303 - Cultural Suicide - Mike K. (TX), Michael (SC), John (FL), Henry (CT), Gary (CA), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0227- We Were Warned - Michael (SC), Henry (CT), Randy (MI), Phil (FL), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0224 - The Panel Of Five - Dr. Gifford MD (TX), Michael (SC), Henry (CT), Randy (MI), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0220 - The Fence Has Disappreared - Solo Rant - Jimmy at the end

2019-0217 - No Where To Run - Michael (SC), Gary (CA), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0213 - The Insurgency - Solo Rant

2019-0210 - Wake Up! - Henry (CT), Mike (SC), Phil (FL), Gary (CA), Jimmy (FL)

2019-0206 - SOTU 2019 - Jimmy (FL), Henry (CT), Gary & Elke (CA)

2019-0203 - Time Is Running Out - Solo Rant

2019-0130 - Keep It Simple - Jim (FL), Henry (CT)

2019-0127 - A Soldier's Ransom - Gary (CA)
Correction - I mentioned the verse that speaks of obeying two commandments per Yahshua as belonging to the writings of Paul, when in fact that verse is in Matthew. Per a listener, the first one is in reference to the first five Commandments as they pertain to our relationship to Yahweh, the second is in reference to the last five Commandments, as they pertain to our relationship to one another. Good catch!]

2019-0123 - Armed and Ready - Ted Midward (CA), Henry (CT)

2019-0120 - Repentance - Lock and Load - John (Miami)

2019-0116 - Toxic Masculinity - Solo Rant with caller Curtis (TX)

2019-0113 - International Update - John (FL), Henry (CT), Steve (MD)

2019-0109 - Justice Travellers - Patricia Aiken (AZ) with Casey and Nikki (MO)

2019-0106 - Informed Consent - Dr. Gifford & Mike Kerns (TX)

2019-0102 - Tartary - Patricia Aiken (AZ)sey and Nikki (MO)