I will no longer broadcast over EuroFolkRadio. I will host a live Conference Call from time to time, and show it on the schedule here. I will also be posting short videos on YouTube and BitChute.

Past BYD shows are archived on this site, go to the 'Archive' pages (by year).

The Master List of BYD Shows Link - if a show is not uploaded yet, contact me and I will upload it ASAP.


Do not listen to these calls or programs if you believe that there are topics that cannot be discussed between adults, or if you are 'triggered' by such topics as the shape of the Earth, circumcision, or The Patriarchal Family (polygamy). Please go to the shows by those who will agree with you and never offend you.


Scheduled Free Conference Calls (FCC):

Date and Time: 01-29-2020 @ 8:00 pm Eastern Time

Agenda: Jeremiah 6


Date and Time: 02-02-2020 @ 10 am Eastern Time

Agenda:  To be determined later.


The call in number is: 605-472-5300; the Access Code is "649249"

When you call in, your phone is automatically muted at my end. In order to make a comment or ask a question, press *6. I will unmute you when I take your call. One caller will be active at a time.

To find your FCC international phone number go to:  Link

Or you can join the Conference Call this way:

1) Click FCC link below.

2) Click 'Join'.

3) Enter 'minuteman53' ID.

4) Click on the telephone icon.

5) Select speaker-headphones option.

6) Some browsers may require you to select “allow”.

FCC website:  Link