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Letter from Jan (Yan) - 07.16.20

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o Video & Audio: Whites: How to do Activism Effectively – also: Creating a White Political Army
o Video & Audio: How Sexual Blackmail works: Australian Jew Abe Saffron, the original Epstein

o The US Elite & US Military might: US launches 4 secret spy satellites to orbit – My Comments
o Update on Matt Hale – some good news!
o EXCELLENT: Pic: Yemen become the 110th time that the Jews are kicked out!
o USA: Disturbing video shows teens beating pregnant (white?) mom, kicking toddler – My Comments
o COVID-19 are the Jews deliberately shattering the World’s economy to try & cause WW3?
o Yesterday… I writing Software all day… next Video release…
o VIDEO: FOX 35 Investigation Reveals Inflated Florida Coronavirus Numbers
o Mary-Kate Olsen files for divorce from French (Jewish?) banker Olivier Sarkozy; filing rejected
o Libyan war: Fake Libyan dinars, printed in Russia, fund Haftar’s military
o The truth about the brutal four-hour battle between Russian mercenaries and US commandos in Syria
o EXCELLENT: Black Unity DISAPPEARING: Blacks fighting Blacks INCREASING in Africa: Nigeria: 22 people killed in armed attack
o USA: The Senorita of Socialism – She is just an idiot – My Comments
o Fried rich Nietzsche: Old and Young Women (XVIII) – Thus Spoke Zarathustra
o About the Australian: Brendan O’Connell who insulted the Jews & got jail time…
o VIDEO: Doctor Jensen Is Threatened To Have His Medical License Taken for Speaking Out About C-19 Death
o Alex Linder & Jan re: Orania: What I.F. Stone said about Blacks…
o MISSING: My Interview in 2019 with Jovi Val & All wherein I predicted the future…
o The Latest Funny White Term for the Jewish COVID FLU
o Pics: The Future Jews have planned for Whites…
o < a href=>Pics: The Future Jews have planned for Whites…
o SCIENCE: Why haven’t we found Alien life yet? – Is Anyone Out There?: The Fermi Paradox, Explained – My Comments
o Black Lives Matter: “We Are Trained Marxists” – Part I
o China & WHO & COVID: Good Riddance to the World Health Organization
o The Excellent German artist Herbert Smagon – I am interested in Artwork & Posters for White Shop
o Did Anders Breivik also want to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador?
o The DUMB Chinese: Invading Japan, White Colonization – Was Ghengis Khan a White man?
o S.Africa: Spate of Farm Murders: Afrikaner Self–determination Party: Its not farm attacks they are Terror ist attacks
o EXCELLENT: From a French Reader: ALL Whites in the Western world will become RACIST WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS!!!!
o Photo: BREAKING NEWS: EXCELLENT: One of Mandela’s daughters, Ambassador to Denmark has DIED!
o From Jan: More Power Outages in Johannesburg, BIG ONES… do n’t know for how long…My Solar Experiments
o The JEWISH COVID-HOAX: How a man’s mother died: : Warning – if you have a loved one in a medical detention facility.
o How f*cked is the US in the realm of hybrid/asymmetric warfare? – My Comments
o An American Reader got a weird phone call from the Bank… (or Jews or ANTIFA?)
o Thinking about Whites who want to get out of Cities (e.g. North America)
o Fake (Jewish) stories that Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) was a Satanist, etc…
o Some Improvements to HistoryReviewed and Afr icanCrisis – Comments
o Pics: EXCELLENT: VIOLENCE: The BEST Covid-19 anti-lockdown protest yet! – Thousands protest against Serbian leader
o My War with the Hackers … some notes…
o Some Improvements to HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis – Comments
o My Internet in Johannesburg has been down since last night… & other problems…
o Great Reader’s comment: Disgusting Jewish vermin destroyed Germans, then moved to USA – Jewish female sluts
o Jews admit they will be behind: White Americans paying Reparations for sl avery & 150 years of RACISM! – My Comments
o AUDIO: The next BIG (Jewish) SCAM to hit White Americans: Reparations for Slavery … this time is REAL & coming…
o Incredible: Rent-a-Radical Crowd? Protesters on demand… for real…
o Reader’s Comment: Jewish Soviet Union & (((Putin))) are no friends of Whites… they fought Rhodesia & S.Africa
o Books Empire in Brazil: A New World Experiment with Monarchy (1958)
o Philadelphia: City of Jews & Blacks: Blacks smashing statues… Jews at war in Trump’s 2nd Term?
o Philadelphia: City of Jews & Blacks: Blacks smashing statues… Jews at war in Trump’s 2nd Term?
o Science: Did Scientists Finally Solve the Impossible Physics Riddle? – My Comments
o Science: Did Scientists Finally Solve the Impossible Physics Riddle? – My Comments
o PDF: English translation from Bulgarian: No one has died from the coronavirus Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

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